Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Nappy rash and milk rash (baby pimples)

Last week, Adam had a horrid horrid nappy rash that wouldnt go away even after applying some mild steroid from Dr Lilian's combined with Drapolene nappy rash cream.
My mum - once again - came to save the day with a tube of this amazing product:

Cavilon Barrier cream

I've only used it on my adult patients before and didnt know it is mild enough to be used on babies as well. But it works wonders. The next day, the angry red bumps on Adam's bum-bum were gone and his bum never looked so good before.
This is truly an amazing God-send product but it is mighty expensive and is only available in hospital pharmacies.
Needless to say, we threw Drapolene away and never looked back.

Today, it suddenly dawned on me that Adam has an outbreak of pimples - this time on his face not his bum.
It used to be only a few dots on his cheeks which I never thought highly about, but today somehow I just noticed his forehead, cheeks and corners of his eyes were sprouting pimples!
I did a quick search on the internet which says it is normal and could be due to hormones especially in breastfed babies.
However, the red dots all over his face are indeed worrysome for Mummy me.
Andy went out to buy Sebamed Baby Special Healing Cream and I also found this review on the internet by a fellow Mummy on her blog:

I've decided to give this cream a try and hopefully Adam's pimples will go away. *fingers crossed*

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