Friday, July 31, 2009

Adrenaline rush

It's the weekend again, whee!
Again, our appointments are packed, like a glass of water filled to the drim threatening to overflow anytime.
It's payday and I can feel the adrenaline pumping in my head hehe

- Buy new handphone to replace my dead Samsung U700 from Changi T3.
- Dessert with Hubby at T3 then paktor.

- Bathe & feed Adam, then leave Adam with Andy's folks
- Swing by Adam's PD to buy infant probiotics cos finished liao
- Lunch at Sukiya, Marina Square
- Buy baby stroller
- Andy's haircut at Orchard 3pm
- Shopping in Orchard
- Dinner with Adam and Andy's folks

- Go back to my parents' place

Actually supposed to meet our Financial planner to finalise our investments and Adam's insurance plans but I cant fit her anywhere in our schedule this entire week!

Before I go, here's a shot of my Happy happy Bubs at bathtime, being his usual chirpy self :)

Bye bye and enjoy your lovely weekend!

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