Thursday, July 16, 2009

Baby Adam at Play

Baby Adam amusing himself with his musical bears. I'm glad the bears entertained him for a good one hour so I could EBM and do some stuff like practice my photo-taking skills!
He batted the bears happily and when they moved, he coo-ed and seemed to be mighty pleased with himself!

It's the Aussino sales.. and I can smell the weekend drawing closer and closer.
It's gonna be another of those busy weekends for us, shuttling to the grandparents' place and doing some shopping.
Things to do:
- Buy soft books for Adam
- Toys for Adam
- Picture cards to stick on the wall beside his cot
- Buy new sheets for Adam and us
- Go to Vivo City to check out Fox Baby, GAP and Mothercare and do even more shopping
- Meet our insurance agent to work out an insurance & savings plan for Adam

Very busy indeed!!

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