Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Brand New BABY items for sale - Charity Drive

God has been gracious to us, blessing us with a baby and filling our lives with nothing but joy and laughter.
As such, I am taking time off my extremely busy and tiring schedule to sell some stuff (as well as to make space for more of Adam's new stash).
But I'm not selling them for money. Please note that the proceeds of this sale will go to help Charmaine fight cancer.
This will be the 2nd time Baby Adam does his part for charity. His 1st was donating his cord blood stem cells :)
So as any proud parent can say: Please be generous and do your bit for charity too!

Item 1) Benbeni "Welcome to the world" gift set $15.00
Set includes: Swaddling blanket, Body suit, cap, bib, booties.

Item 2) SHEARS Toy cars gift set $20.00
Set includes: Body suit, T-shirt, Diaper cover pants, hat, bib, mittens & booties, 3 washclothes.

Item 3) Montaly Sail boats gift set $20.00
Set includes: Body suit, T-shirt, Pants, cap, bib, mittens & booties, Teddy bear toy, Lollipop rattle toy

Item 4) Little Bear gift set $10.00
Set includes: T-shirt, long-sleeve shirt, cap, wash cloth, mittens & booties.

Item 5) Disney Winnie the Pooh gift set $20.00
Set includes: T-shirt, pants, tank top, hat, mittens & booties.

Item 6) Disney Winnie the Pooh gift set $15.00
Set includes: Towel, Pooh bear hat and booties. Wrapped in organza and comes with Satin clothes hanger.

Item 7) Osh Kosh gift set $20.00
Set includes: Osh Kosh animal romper (0-6mths), stripey cap and animal bib.

Item 8) Hamper $10.00
Hamper includes: 3 Animal milk bottles, SHEARS clothes gift set, Drypers M size x 2.

Item 9) The First Years infant booster seat $20.00
Brand new in packaging. Self-inflating booster seat suitable for Babies 3 mths and up.
Great for going to eateries or at your dining table where your baby can sit with the family.

Item 10) The First 3 years last forever VCDs x 3 volumes by Singapore Peadiatric Society $15.00
Brand new still in shrink wrap except for Vol 2 (no shrink wrap but still brand new)
Comes in a white box as shown below.
The topics covered:
Vol 1: Neural plasticity, IQ & EQ, Foetal Programming. Total: 70min.
Vol 2: Foetal stimulation, Responding to babies' crying cues, Solving the mystery of sleep. Total 59min.
Vol 3: Prenatal care, Memory skills, Analytical skills. Total: 60min.

^ Please email to velvet_fuzzion@yahoo.com.sg or SMS 97976728 if you wish to purchase the above items and make a donation.

Pickup location: Tampines, Simei, Changi biz park or anywhere in the East

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