Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Gen's 21st Bday - WHITE Party

I dont look like I just gave birth 6 wks ago, do I?

Last Sunday was Gen's 21st Birthday party at Bottle Tree Park.
We were honored to be invited to her WHITE Party a la Gossip Girls.
As usual, Baby A, though he has many white outfits, was best left to the care of my Aunt LY and parents while Andy & I attended the party ourselves.
We left after 2hours because I cant stop worrying about our lil one! Parentssss...
True enough when we reached my house to fetch him home, he was crying and cranky because it was an unfamiliar environment and he was looking for me.
He immediately hushed and fell asleep in my arms when I carried him and we made our way home feeling really maxed out - Andy, baby & I.
I have become his pacifier - he would sometimes put his mouth to my breast (with my clothes on) in public if he wants comfort or wants a feed. Even at home if he is not hungry sometimes I just let him latch on for comfort and he will fall asleep.
And I wonder how come I am perpetually tired??!?!

Over the weekend, Andy & I went to Orchard to do some quick shopping. Bought some clothes and lingerie for myself and also more GAP rompers and clothes for Baby A (we took advantage of the ongoing sales).
Luckily I dont have a daughter if not I will go bankrupt before you can even say "broke".
With a baby, being able to step out of the house without looking like a mad woman is in itself a luxury.
If you're able to go out and buy something nice for yourself, it's a real bonus and consider yourself alike striking lottery.

edit to add: This is Gen! photos stolen from her Facebook haha finally.
Still awaiting for group photo *drums fingers on table* :P


  1. ALAMAK, might mistaken that siling is Gen lor.

    How come bday girl didnt take pics? -Maine

  2. Charm, we're still waiting for Gen to upload her group photos Haha


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