Thursday, July 2, 2009

Organic baby

Tristan-mommy recommended me this California Baby organic shampoo & bodywash.
I'm lucky to have a friend who is into organic stuff like me.
I love the essential oil smell and best of all, it is not drying. Previously I let Adam use J&J and it is so drying to his delicate skin.

It is expensive ($22.90 plus delivery $8 from Little Dreamers) but if you dont mind splurging on your little one, you can manage to get cheaper prices if you purchase online or join sprees with other Mommies on forums.

And I finally put him into those Marks & Spencer animal rompers and his new Osh Kosh rompers.

I love rompers because they are easy one-piece suits ie. more manageable than seperates.
Not to mention they are uber cute.
Disadvantages: once it is soiled you have to change the entire suit and they arent very easy to get in and out of if you have a crying struggling baby!

Favourite brands: Mothercare and Marks & Spencer for their excellent quality. Very soft cotton and embroidery are fabric-backed so will not scratch baby's skin.

P.S. Adam is only 6 weeks old now (1.5mths) yet he is already outgrowing his 3-6mos clothes!
Time to upgrade size again...

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