Monday, July 20, 2009

The precious weekend just came and went

Bought some fabric books for our precious Kai Kai which has Discovery Farm, 123 ABC and Zoo animals, and also a Baby Einstein teething ring.

When we got home, Andy & I read the books to our little one and though he didnt understand, he was captivated by the bright colors and pictures.

We also finally collected his Calligraphy brush from KKH...

It has his Chinese name and birthdate engraved on it, as well as two verses which say:
which means "The fabled roc flies ten thousand miles" or in other words, "one's future is brilliant"

Okays, enough of the are some updates about Adam's parents... ahem..

Andy plans to drive up to KL one of these weekends.
He intends to take our Little Red Turbo Car for her last roadtrip and burn some tyres on the Sepang tracks before we buy a new car.
This is another sign that we are moving on to the next chapter of our lives. We need a more baby-friendly car because LRTC has rock-hard suspensions which send the car bouncing and going "ging gong ging gong" even when she goes over the slightest tar strips and sends Baby Adam's milk purging out of his mouth and it drives me insane to see my baby throwing up.

But but, we havent decided which car to buy yet and we also need to plan which weekend to go on the road trip, which we are taking forever to do... so... until then....

And also, I didnt ask for it, but Andy has allowed me to be a SAHM!
The other night we were talking about Adam's addiction to my breast and how precious he is to us.
Actually the conversation went like this:
Andy: Honey, look how much he wants to latch on. How can you bear to deny him of your breasts?
Me: But he just took 90ml of breast milk from the bottle and he just wants to latch on for comfort... What will happen when I go back to work? Your mum will die.
Andy: Then you just take no pay leave and stay at home and look after him lor... I will give you allowance what. And your part of housing loan, I pay lor... Ok?

WOW me so happy to hear those words from my Hubby leh! hehehe
I'm practically floating and I immediately have mental images of me and Adam doing so many fun things together, exploring his growing up milestones and of me sending Andy to work and fetching him home from work.
The best part is, I dont have to do housework or cook meals because Andy's mum will be doing that.
Then she will have more free time to do her stuff too - like hanging out with her market aunty friends and chatting on the phone every noon.
The housework will be done, every member of the family fed, and Adam will have his mummy to take care of him. Isnt that a brilliant plan? HEHEHE :)

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