Thursday, July 23, 2009


Baby Adam is going on 12weeks (3mos) old now and I think every parent knows what the Terrible Threes mean!

He doesnt sleep lor! He is so wide awake and wants to explore everything in his vision field.
He gets bored of being in his rocker for too long (long being, 15min??).. and he got tired of his musical mobile bears in his cot.

And because he cannot walk or crawl yet, he demands to be carried everywhere and wants to be part of everything I do. Like this morning, I had to put him on our bed while I changed the bedsheets.
It's hard to get anything done and thankfully Andy's mum is doing all the other chores so I just have to devote my 200% attention on Baby Adam. *sweat*

I hate hammocks or the yao lan because it makes the house looks unglam but in my desperate attempt to make him get some shut-eye during the day so I can jolly well do my own things, I have no choice.
I dont know if it's the rhythmic rocking motion that's hypnotising him but who cares?
Yes I am really desperate.

Ok to be fair to him, he does sleep. At night. After his bedtime feed at 10pm-11pm, he will sleep till 9am the next morning and only wake up once at 4am for milk.
He wont fuss and will just sleep throughout, which is some comfort.

Well I guess I just have to be even more sleepless than I already am, and hope that he will outgrow this phase when he is old enough to entertain himself with toys.

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