Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Baby Kai has a new 4WD!

from Combi

It's kinda expensive for a stroller but it is really easy to steer and I'm totally in love with it! So is Kai :D

The amazing feature is that is has 4 wheel drive for effortless steering either way (whether baby is facing front or parent).
* That's the most important thing to note when buying a stroller with reversible handles. Cos all other strollers only have front-wheel-drive so when the handle is reversed, the back wheels cannot swivel and will be a headache to maneuver.

All other features like:
- 5-point safety harness (to prevent baby from reaching forward to grab things and fall over)
- one-hand open and fold
- Egg shock cushion
- full canopy
are included.

Bye bye to Baby Kai's Red Fah-lah-li.. Welcome his new Orange Lambo!

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