Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Evening = Play time!!

Evenings are Kaikai's allocated playtime because the whole house will be bursting with activity, everyone's back from school/work.
Kaikai will be sitting on his rocker and watching MTV with Andy's brother, or just kicking and waving and babbling to himself or to whoever is talking to him.

One of the most value-for-money things Kaikai has so far, because it is portable, can incline/recline, has music and vibration mode (like massage).
It is a good place to keep him in while we are busy, yet we can keep an eye on him since it can be placed in the living room and kitchen.
It comes with a toy bar to hang overhead but we've removed it to ease carrying him in & out of the rocker.
Best of all, it's a present from Andy's Dad so Thank You Grandpa!

Finally managed to buy one in Lilac.
Kaikai can sit upright in it and he enjoys his Bumbo time. When we bought it, it looked humongous! But after he sat on it, his thighs fill up the space just fine and he's so gonna outgrow it before maximising its lifespan.

Updates on 3 month old Baby Kai:
My precious baby turned 3 months old on 17 Aug 09 Monday.
It still leaves me in awe whenever I think of his birthdate, because when I was in my Week 37, my loved ones, Andy & I were still thinking of a date for my C-section (Kai was breech).
But on the fateful Sunday of 17 May, Baby Kai decided he's had enough of serving belly time and wanted to see the world!
Coincidentally, 17 May is also my brother's gf's birthday and Liping adores Baby Kai so much I hope my brother would marry her soon so she can be part of our family.
17th is also the date Andy & I exchanged vows and tied the knot in January. Maybe that's why our son decided to come out on the 17th too?

At 3 months old, Baby Kai's bowel pattern has changed dramatically.
He used to poop several times a day. When he was much younger, he would poo almost after every feed!
Now, he poops once every 1-2 days, the longest he has gone without pooping is 4 days which is today.. And when he finally poops, he unloads several hundred grams of shit!
And his poop stinks man... -__-
Andy & I were cheering our little man as the potent smell reached our noses, and we both turned to eachother with an expression which says "What am I feeding him?!?!"
Must be all the Chocolate buffet from Fullerton Hahahah!

Our routine:
Im sure every household has a routine for their babies and so do we.
Kai's routine (since he was 1mth old) is:
7am - 8am: Wakes up for morning feed then goes back to sleep

10am: Wakes up again for the start of his new day. Takes his daily morning swims in his tub.

11am: After bathing, sits in rocker because he will be very alert and happy after the bath. Then it's time for another feed.

Throughout the day he feeds, naps and plays either in his rocker, playgym or cot till evening.

6-9pm: Active play time and socialising time with the family.

9-10pm: Sponge bath, change into pajamas and gets his bedtime feed.
Then go to bed. Turn off TV, reduce stimulation. Lights out.

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