Thursday, August 13, 2009


Next month Andy is bringing Baby Kai to get his passport done because...

We are going to HK in Nov during the Hari Raya long weekend! YAY!
And to Melbourne in Feb 2010... Yipee!!

I'm excited because this will be the first time Baby Kai is going overseas and I'm more worried that he might be cranky during the long flights.
Should we or should we not bring him? He would be 5 months old then.. Hmmm to be decided again.
Most importantly, we are going.. Yay!

Edit to add: Andy's mum *might* be going back to Indonesia during the same weekend and we *might* have to bring Kai with us to HK afterall... hmmm... That means I might not be able to do as much shopping as I like.

[Andy's mum is Indonesian-Chinese which explains why she often goes back Indonesia, Andy's paternal grandparents are Baba and Nonya. That makes KaiKai a quarter Indonesian and a quarter Peranakan. Confusing? Nevermind. Here's the even more confusing part:
I have relatives from HK and Australia too. My HK relatives are my Kai's GongGong's (my Dad) Grand-aunt and cousins. My Australian relatives are Kai's Popo's (my mum) half-siblings.

At this point, I dont know how to calcaulate Kai's great-grand and grand parentage already :P

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