Sunday, August 2, 2009

Going back to Gong-gong and Popo's house

Baby Adam is all dressed up, and looking very happy to go out :)
Though we are only going back to my parents' and nothing adventurous Hahaha my silly boy...
Thankyou Uncle Junwen for the carseat!

Did you know: It is illegal for children under the age of 8 to travel in a car in Singapore without any carseat.. so it is definitely worth investing in a good one.

But then again, all baby stuff are so expensive, what with the cool designs and lots of "added features" nowadays.. like a carseat isnt just a carseat.. it can also function as a baby carrier (albeit a heavy one!) or can fix onto stroller for infants (Quinny).
So for first-time parents like Andy & myself, we'll end up paying more for stuff which will eventually become white elephants.

Andy: Honey you're looking at strollers again! Do they upload new strollers every minute?
Me: Tsk.... I still cant make up my mind mah...
Andy: You make the whole affair seem like you're eyeing the stock market. Need to always go see meh? Then keep refreshing the page... *rolls eyes*

Dohhh.... What to do? Im torn between Combi or Maclaren... Looks vs function.
Maclaren looks super ugly lor but when I checked reviews on mummy forums most votes went for Maclaren. But then I saw Adrian Pang using Combi for the little baby girl in Nanny Daddy (Nai-pa 100%... there is a rerun of the show every weekend 4.30pm-6.30pm) I cant help but fall in love with my original love all over again...

Maybe I should buy both! Maclaren all-terrain 3-wheeler for our sporty outings to the beach or dog trainings and the chic Combi for shopping trips.

And just to share:
Fox Baby is having storewide halfpriced on all items at Marina Square.. lotsa baby jeans, pants, tees and Disney rompers.
BabyGAP was having 50% off at Vivo City outlet.. the Wisma one only 10-20% off 2nd item onwards...

Okays, gotta go sell my kidney now... Bye bye & hope you enjoyed your weekend as much as we did ours! :)

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