Friday, August 28, 2009

Good night my Precious Baby

These few nights Andy & I have been going out (not pak tor, but to keep our appointments), and by the time we come home, Baby Adam is already tucked into bed, sound asleep.
I feel so at peace when I look at my innocent baby sleeping soundly, without a care in the world.
Cant resist kissing him Goodnight and stroking his forehead.
Sometimes he awakens and looks at me groggily and goes back to sleep, other times he is so tired he doesnt care.

I've started Adam on these flash cards my Mum bought for him.
They say it's best to start when your baby is around 3-6mths because they havent developed any strong preferences to things yet and can absorb anything faster.
Im using the Glen Doman method and so far he is enjoying being flashed at HEHE
When I get my act together, I will DIY more Glen Doman style flashcards for him :)

When out with my Mum yesterday after sending Andy to work. There's a pushcart at Causeway Point selling quality baby stuff like: Carters rompers sets, Ralph Lauren baby clothes, Carters bibs, Osh Kosh etc :)

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