Sunday, August 9, 2009

Malacca 080809

Met Siling & Norman at 10.30am and embarked on our road trip to Malacca... Satay Celup and Chendol here we come!!

On North South highway...

Upon reaching our 1st destination Makota Mall - some yummy icecream in the hot weather!

This is what Andy's been waiting for all along... The authentic Satay Celup!!
Look at the BIG juicy cockles and fresh prawns and the amount of food!

We devoured more than 100 sticks and it only costed RM$75.
After dinner, we went to Jonker Walk for the night market and we saw people peddling all sorts of things for sale including hedgehogs, snakes, chipmunks and scorpions.
I was very tempted to buy the hedgehog and I wanna name him Sonic. So cute!

After jossling with the crowd, we settled at Bibik Chendol House for some nice cold Chendol.
The gula malacca is simply irresistable!

What a good, fun trip we had. It was Siling & Norman's first time to Malacca and I hope they enjoyed it.
By the time we reached SG, it was already 1am and we still went to Siling's aunt's house for BBQ and drinks.
When we finally reached home, it was 2+am and Baby Kai was sound asleep. We both kissed him Goodnight on the forehead and I missed him terribly!
We've decided to bring him along to HK because I cant bear to be away from him for so long!

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