Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mummy & Baby

I think Baby Kai Kai looks so much like his Daddy.. that's what everyone says, with a few exception who think he looks like me (cos he's got my eyes)

These are my treasured moments: just me and him against the world.

Cant believe he is turning 3mos in 5 days' time, and already he is wearing L size diapers.
His 6-12mos rompers and clothes fit him just nice now... As you can see, his face is almost as big as mine.

This weekend is gonna be a quiet one, with my mum away, Aunt LY going to BKK for shopping with Aunt Connie, and Andy's mum is going back to Indonesia for their durian and birds nest harvest.
I also wanna go and eat free birds nest... But Baby Kai has no passport yet!

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