Friday, August 7, 2009

My random Friday and the exciting weekend to come

Today I finally went for my Diamond Peel & Gold facial - something which I have postponed for months because always no time.
After missing facials for so many months, cleaning up my face was a major operation!
But the end results:
my face was smoother and more radiant thanks to the Diamond micro-dermabrasion and Gold radiating mask! (Dont believe me? Click on my image to see zoom-in 100% hehe)
Best of all, it was a treat from my dear Hubby... *happy happy*
You gotta love a man who knows how to make his wife happy ;)

I miss doing all these girly pampering stuffs and how I wish I can dedicate one day of every month for some pamper-me sessions.
I've always dreamed of being a young & hip Yummy Mommy but this dream comes with a high price! I need alot of time for one, and time = $$ :P

After my facial, I went to Tampines One to shop abit and my mum called to say she bought California Baby bath pdts for her darling Grandson :)
Bubble bath and Shampoo & Bodywash. Thankyou Popo!

I need to pack Baby Kai's diaper bag and prepare all his diapers, EBM and stuff because tomorrow, Andy & I are driving up to Malacca! :D and we are leaving him in the care of Andy's parents.
We're going with Norman & Siling before she pops her baby. How exciting!
Andy is yearning for his Satay Celut (Hey C, the Satay Celut spices you bought for me turned rock le.... -__-)
The only one thing I'm sad about this trip is that I'll have to express and throw away my BM because it's not gonna last till we reach SG.
Which also made me suddenly realise - I've been BF-ding for 3 mths already! WOW

P.S. And my whacky Charmaine is flying off to BKK for shopping and then to Perth for some wind-down holiday.
I hope she has a wild time and cant wait to go Fullerton with her and the girls when she is back.
(Our Chocolate buffet date has been delayed for wayyyy too long girls!)

Okays enjoy your long weekend!

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