Monday, August 31, 2009


Baby Adam was delivered by Dr Wong Chun Ping Don at Mount Alvernia Hospital and he was assessed by Dr Lilian Lim Peck Neo upon birth and had his 2 subsequent followups with her as well.

Dr Lilian is the nicest PD one can ever imagine and ask for.. She is nice, gentle and patient to answer all questions and give parents reassurance (knowing us anxious parents).
Even though her clinic is always full, she wont rush to see the next patient.
There's nothing not to like about her. Maybe that's why her appointments are forever 3-4 weeks wait. o__O
I tried calling to book an appointment today and was told the next available slot is 4 weeks away.. That's after we come back from Bangkok leh!!

Now, my Mum recommended me another PD, Dr Simon Ng.
He is an old friend of hers, who used to work in KKH and now he has a clinic in Mt Alvernia.
The good news is, I managed to get an appointment for Adam to see him tomorrow for his general growth assessment and for my Mum to catch up with this old friend of hers and introduce him to her Darling Grandson.

I can also take the opportunity to bug him with my kiasu, kiasi endless list of questions Hehe

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