Friday, August 14, 2009

PeanutStore: Soft sole baby shoes!

Was shopping for soft sole leather shoes for Baby Adam and I found these cutey super irresistable soft sole shoes!
I know he is too young to walk, but they are too cute and reasonably priced to resist.
Soft shoes can be worn when your baby is learning to stand or walk and you can be sure the soft soles wont restrict the growth of your baby's feet.

So as much as I like brands like Nike Baby or Crocs Baby, they have to wait till Adam is much older and that's where the soft soles come to play :)
- soft leather material
- anti-slip soles
- lots of delectable designs to choose from

If you have a girl, or are a shoe whore like myself, you will love the sweet girly designs like:

and of course more *wink* Hehe

And I have a sneak preview of the new stock that arrived. Dont say I never say hor.. Heh heh.
These new designs are not listed on the blogshop yet so if you wanna see the full list pls let me know.

Why soft sole shoes?
Soft sole shoes are shoes for infants and young walkers, up to 24 months old.
The sole of the shoes are soft and made of anti-slip materials to enable them to sense the ground beneath their feet and to grasp with their toes as they learn how to walk.The shoes are very light and made of leather to protect the delicate feet of the child. They are flexible and bend fairly easily in order not to restrict with the foot’s natural motion.

You can visit: Peanut Store.
And if you quote "Adam's Mummy" here's what you get:
- 5% discount for $50 order and above
- Free normal shipping or just add $2.00 for Registered mail (instead of $2.24)

Have fun shopping Mummies! :)

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