Saturday, August 1, 2009

Shabu-shabu, sales, shopping, stroller!

Took the Rex out for a change.

At Sukiya... the shabu shabu very nice and reasonably priced. $15.90/pax for buffet eat-all-you-can. No service charge even though the service is really prompt and excellent. Thumbs up!

After lunch, Andy dropped me off at Takashimaya. While he went for his haircut, I did some shopping at 3rd storey of Takashimaya. It was designer children's sale everywhere, and I went to take a look at strollers and prams.. But seems like the more I compare, the more confused I became... -__-
So many functions, so many styles and colors...

And there was this "Craziest Toys Sale" at the basement atrium... which I enthusiastically dived into hehe.

I was shoved around by over-zealous kids from all directions left, right, centre, below.... Yes below my waist I mean! The kids just zipped around the whole place scouring for toys.
I also did not bad, I managed to find some toys for Kai Kai as well HEHEHE *mega grin*

After half an hour inside the sea of kids and parents, I was too tired to move a muscle so I sat at the fountain in front of Anne's pretzels to wait for Andy... and also to people-watch.
I ogled shamelessly at parents who pushed their strollers past, practically STARING at the brands.
As I see the different models of strollers and colors, I could feel my lust for the Combi stroller rising.

Its features include:
- one hand open-and-fold
- super lightweight at only 4.2kg
- reversible handle for child to face front or to face parent
- front auto swivel wheel
- Egg Shock cushion
- 5-point safety harness
- mesh seat for ventilation

And sorry to sound superficial, but I'm TOTALLY IN LOVE with the wide range of colors to choose from which are damn nice lor. I'm spoilt for choice!
I finally shortlisted either the yummy brown color or the trendy grey. Both looks equally good with only slight differences.
Didnt buy it today like I intended because I cannot make up my mind :P
As for Kai's current Baby Ace stroller, because it's a gift from Aunty Christine so maybe we'll use it as a spare one.

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