Friday, August 14, 2009

Tai-tai's gathering 140809!


It's our LOL gathering - Ladies Of Leisure, or Laugh Out Loud.. Cos we are so crazy we are always Laughing out Loud.. LOL!
Charmaine, Chris & I met up first for dinner at Siglap before going to Fullerton with Meena.
Chris brought her 8mth old Nat and I, Adam. After sitting in his stroller for a grand total of 10min, he started fussing and Nat had to investigate.
See how well behaved Nat is?
But thankfully when our food arrived, Adam fell asleep on his own in his stroller and we could all eat in peace.

This is also my first time bringing Adam out on my own, without my usual entourage of hubby and family.. Luckily everything went on well!

The Yummy Mummies with our Babies:

After dinner, Chris & I dropped our little ones back home and tucked them in for bedtime before making our way to Fullerton Hotel for our way way way-overdue Chocolate buffet!

Gold flakes for deco somemore... Very chi chi lor... But we this bunch of crazy women just kept on talking and talking that we threw away all our mannerisms hehe

Now for the unglam photos!

"Do you need to express yourself?" Meena asked me the moment she saw me.
Oh man my gals never fail to crack me up!
And it's wonderful to know Chris because I honestly dont know many women around my age who are mums, that's why I'm always bugging Chris about parenting advice.

We had so much to talk about - mostly about our MILs and babies, breastfeeding and Charmaine's colorful love life haha
After hearing about Chris' and Meena's MILs, I think we're so lucky to have wonderful MILs.
I mean, Andy's mum does my laundry and cooks cod fish for me everyday just because Im bf-ding, on top of the usual housework. Where to find sucha nice woman who treats me even better than my own mum? not that my Mum doesnt treat me well lah..
But then, even my Mum doesnt do my laundry lor. So I really thank my lucky stars and feel greateful every single day for just being well, happy.

Our Tai tai gathering ended when my breasts engorged and I had to go home to express myself.
It was such a fun and much-needed night. I love my gals so much man, and I had no idea how much I missed them till I saw them. *Muacks*

P.S... Loot from Charmaine's BKK trip:

MAC mascara, Naraya bag and pouches. I heart these because they are so pretty and I'm using the pouch for my diaper bag - to keep things like breast pump and teats because interior is lined with plastic. Waterproof and wont wet the exterior fabric. Brilliant!

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