Friday, August 21, 2009

Tasty treats

Dexterity and gross motor skills to a 3 month old Baby A mean he can grab anything within his reach and put it in his mouth!

Tissue papers are yummy... Chomp chomp..

How do you like my new mustache Mum??

His vocabulary has also increased tremendously. Now, he has added squeals and shrieks to his expanding vocab, along with his "Eh", "Oo", "Bah", "Gah"s, and that never fails to amaze us.

By the way, Baby A is a Bumwear convert!

It's a fact that disposable diapers are a leading cause of pollution to our delicate Mother Nature.
At home, I used to put Baby A in the normal cloth nappies but they dont hold pee very well and tend to leak (even with the nappy cover on).
After that, we put Baby A full time on disposables and that is so sinful and harmful to the environment, not to mention a big waste of $$.
That's until I found Bunwear and I think it's superb!

Read more about Bumwear: HERE
The difference between Bumwear and normal cloth nappies is that Bumwear holds more pee and the terry cloth is very comfy and gentle on baby's skin.
Cloth nappies stay wet once they get wet but Bumwear has an insert to hold the pee and keep the top lining dry.

I bought 4 Bumwear diapers and 5 inserts. Heavy investment! but worth it, what with the "Saving GAIA", Green Earth Day and all :)

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