Friday, October 16, 2009


I've learned to become like my dearest Charmaine - to treat work nonchalantly and be a Drama Queen.
These days, I just go to work without a care and knock off on the dot so that I can race home to see my precious Baby Kai.
When Im not feeling up to it, I take MC and leave.

When you have a baby, all your priorities shift and you notice what a fool you have been for having taken your job once so seriously.
What was once your driving force for everything suddenly seems like nothing at all.
I am such a changed person now. But most importantly, with this new found nonchalance, I am a happier person.

I realised that when you are a Drama Mama at work, make noise and demand to have your rights, your boss and colleagues suddenly become cautious of you and they sort of accept your crazy behaviour because they kinda "expected" shit coming from you.
Then you become more and more withdrawn from the responsibilities because they doubt they can rely on you anymore. (Read: less stress)

But who cares? really...
You can always go back to work but you cant go back to their childhood.

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