Monday, October 26, 2009

Deepavali 2009

SUNDAY 25 Oct 2009
Deepavali Lunch at Meenas's.

This Charm very sampat.. Muruku photos also must take... Alamak
But I admit, thats's ALOT of hard work!

Can you tell these are our leftovers? Meena was so generous to cook so much for us :D

Playing in the kitchen - Charm's showing off her 2mths preggy tummy.

Hubby & I.

Desserts time - Charm devouring the Gula Melaka agar agar.

The hosts

Isabelle the feisty woman.

Tinkerbelle the one with lots of kisses to go around.

Thank you Aunty Meena for cooking us yet another sumptious meal!

PS. We're going to Marche this Thursday for Meena's belated Birthday dinner. Girls Night Out only.. No boys allowed.. Therefore, Andy & Adam not allowed. Zzzzzz..

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