Saturday, October 31, 2009

Exciting news

I got exciting news to share - SOMEONE is going to have a baby!! WOW!
No, that person is not me...Can't handle work, 2 dogs, PT studies and TWO babies all at once!
It's one of my best mates..

But that's all I can reveal for now :( because we have all sworn to secrecy.
She's hoping it will be a girl... but if it's a boy, I have heaps of boy's stuff to pass on to her!
*jumps up and down in joy and goes off to pack Baby A's barangs*

By the way, some updates about myself:
- I've been REALLY busy lately with work and Baby A so if I've not been replying emails and SMSes, please forgive me!
- You didnt get it wrong in the 1st paragraph.. I've enrolled myself to a Part-time postgraduate Nursing Degree program. It has always been my goal and I thank my family, Hubby, and friends to give me the support I need. It wont be easy juggling work, studies, baby and family but I guess somehow I will just get through it, I hope!
- I have been converted to Office Hours work schedule. No more shifts. Yippee!
- Andy has been bugging me for Baby No.2 because he prefers our children to have closer age gap (Baby A is the only baby in the family. How lonely) . Uh-oh.. But honestly, we have no time for another baby. And I really prefer to leave it to God to give us such miracles, like Baby A - we never asked or tried for a baby but God gave Adam to us anyway, therefore he is named Adam. He is a reminder of God's Almighty creation.
As for Baby No.2, if we do conceive again, I mind not so the gender, but more importantly I will continue to pray for his/her health and wellbeing. Until then...

Some updates about Baby A:
- Baby A is going for his 6-in-1 vaccination and developmental assessment at Dr Simon's @ MAH. Today.
- He has recently been hypnotized by our food and keeps drooling whenever we are at the table. He has also grown increasingly hungry - hourly milk feeds, cereal, then more milk again!
I guess it's time my Baby started a solid regime of solids. Time to plan his meals!

Okays I gotta go. Enjoy your weekend!

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