Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Penguin Daddy

This evening, Andy came to fetch me from work and this was our conversation in the car:

Andy: Hon, dinner is ready, but only have meat and fish.. no veggie.
Me: How come no veggie?? (Im a green-lover)
Andy: Today mon-mon didnt sleep the whole day, so no time to cook.
Me: Wah didnt sleep whole day ah.. He very naughty hor?
Andy: I wouldnt call that naughty. Please dont say that about Baby.
Me: Erm ok.. Wah, he very wakeful, alert and attentive hor?

It feels good to have a switch in roles for a change :)

P.S. I'm really proud of Andy for being a proactive Dad. These days when I leave for work, he takes over the Morning feeds and sets up Baby A's bath before going to work.
When I come home in the noons (I mostly knock off at 2.30pm), I look after Baby A and we both go and fetch Daddy A home after he knocks off in the evenings.
Therefore, at least one parent is around at staggered timings to play the parenting role.
Baby A is our responsibility, not our parents', and our approach to parenting is that we want to be around to nurture him as much as we can.

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