Monday, October 19, 2009

Recent going-ons.

Met up with my babes Charmaine & Chris (and our respective men plus babies) and had a dandy good dinner at Swensen's ION.
I would like to comment that the Nursing Room @ ION is 6-star with its Pigeon warmer, hot & lukewarm water dispenser, chair, changing station and air-humidifier! *loves*

Talk about multi-tasking!

Dinner was great. We had a good time catching up and discussing Exersaucers, Haenim play yard and feeding.

Time for dear Charm & KW to start their training for their Dragon baby.
PS. Kaikai is available for your kind babysitting services!

Nat looking sweet as candy in her pinky frock. Makes me want a daughter as well!

Thanks babes for the great company!
I'll be meeting Charmaine next weekend to check ourselves in for a day of girl-time and full-grooming. We'll be going to get our lashes extended and go for my 1st Brazilian Wax in 6 mths!
Yes it's gonna be 6 mths like what the Strip therapist advised me, can you believe it?? YAY!

Oh, Kaikai just turned 5 months young on Saturday! Happy one-month-older!

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