Monday, October 5, 2009


So, this Mummy has gone back to work last week.
Work has been hell-ish. I miss Baby A like crazy and it doesnt help that with the restructuring and all, things are really quite sucky.
I have no time to eat or piss, not to mention go express BM. By the time Im home, my boobs already engorged and damn painful.

I've been busy with work, Baby A, Hubby and everything.
This week I'm attending a course at TTSH so it's office hours for me. My CPR license expires this month. Need to go on course again. (read: busy again)
Thankfully, Aunty LY comes over in the noons when she is free to help Andy's mum with the babysitting. Im lucky to have such a supportive family.
Will most probably be jumping ship to another hospital because of the shorter travelling distance and broader career prospects.
Sent out my resume today. It took me a good long hour to compose it! When was the last time I updated my resume? I honestly dont remember.

Hopefully things will go like clock work!

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