Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year 2010~

Hi goodpeople, how was your New Year celebrations?
Here are some belated photos to share.

On the morning of X'mas, busy boys opening the toy pressies.

Baby Adam's new past-time: peeping at his parents.

"I see you, Mom!"

"Stop taking photos and get yer ass HERE to carry me!"

This also means: no hanky-pankying in front of Baby Adam! since his cot is in our room.

...which leads me to wish for:
Our new love-nest to be ready soon!
Everyday I drive past the site and look at the works in anticipation. I'm glad to announce that our apartment is done! Now please hurry up and finish the rest of the estate, Sim Lian!
It's gonna be so fun being neighbours with a crazy woman who's gonna spy on me with her binoculars. I'll most prob bribe KW to help me walk the dogs Hah!

Andy & I have already thought of a list of household items to buy, including a Nespresso machine! 'though none of us drinks coffee hehehe... but we figured our guests would like having a piping hot mug of Nespresso while staying over.

After staying with Andy's parents for a year, I think I've had enough!
There are times when I feel like snatching Baby Adam and running back to my parents', where I am free to park my 3 prams wherever I like, where Baby Adam is free to roam in the 2 huge living rooms (1 with aircon), where the kitchen is spacious enough to accomodate all his steamer, steriliser, slow cooker etc without jamming up the place.

It isnt to say that I detest staying with my in-laws, but it sure is good to have a house to call your own, and have your own say when it comes to even simple things like where to hang the laundry, and nobody can say No to you because this is your pad... doncha think??

My 2nd wish for 2010 would be to - survive school!
I'll be starting in Feb, God bless me.
If you're curious to know how we celebrated the New Year, well, it's been a boring New Year for us.
Everyone in the family caught the flu bug, so for the entire week we've just been taking turns falling sick, especially poor Baby Adam, who took the brunt of it all because all those stupid adults (Andy, his Mum, his brother) just won't cover their mouths and noses when they coughed and sneezed, no matter how I told 'em to! And Baby Adam's toys, playpen and feeding chair are all over the living room!
So what did this Mummy do? I stuck to my guns like Meena told me to, and I got my Aunt LY, JJ and his gf Liping to come over and carry Baby Adam, his pram, his food, his diaper bag and head back to my parents'. Hah!
And this time, even Andy couldnt say "No" because Baby Adam is sick all because of them.

And Oh oh! Its's my birthday next month.
Can I wish for a new laptop and a Kate Spade diaper bag? *grins*

OK gotta go now.
Till next time!

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  1. When baby is ill, it's hardest on the caregiver (usually Mummy), especially at night. It takes a lot for the family to co-operate on hygiene matters when staying with a baby in the house.

    Congrats that your new home would be ready soon. :)


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