Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Babies are perfect...

...excuses (oops!) reasons for everything.
Stuck in a call with someone who doesn't know when to hang up? "Sorry I gotta go now! Adam's crying for milk".

Don't know how to turn down your Mom who wants you to run errands for her when you're already up to your neck at work/home?
"I can't. Not today. I gotta look after Adam. He hasn't spent quality time with me all week".

Or simply... "I better bring him outside" makes a quick escape strategy.

Prior to having kids, I was absolutely clueless about what to say/ask around people who have kids, mainly because not many relatives/friends I know have children.
In order to make conversation, I said/asked things like "Did she cry?" (after a fall), "Do they cry all the time?" In retrospect, I feel like kicking myself in the shin right now when I think about that.
And my idea of a perfect way to spend an off-day in the past? To laze around at home with a magazine, sleep in till I need to go pee, then come back and sleep somemore, wake up, refuse to brush teeth, eat, take a long bath and finally brush my teeth, doll up, go shopping, meet Andy after he knocked off, go for romantic dinner for two, or meet my gal friends...

NOW, I seem to have gotten used to not getting enough sleep, no time on my hands, our worlds all centred around Little Adam, who has EVERYONE wrapped around his little little metacarpals.
Oh wait, Sundays are good for sleeping in, even with a baby! One of the rare treats in a parent's life.

And I appreciate people who ask me about motherhood, about Adam, and friends who still remember me as "Veron" and not merely "Adam's Mummy".
It's great talking about Bugaboo, Stokke, milk bottles ("Orthodontic or normal teats?"), where to buy what, etc with my friends, particularly a certain gal friend *cough cough*, who is gonna have her bundle delivered in May!

But really, babies are good excuses to go shopping! They need wardrobe changes all the time, and everything's too cute to walk away from at Mothercare.
Speaking of Mothercare, go check out the flagship at Harbourfront. It has the largest collection of all the other outlets combined into one.

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  1. Exactly! A million things to buy since pregnancy since they keep having new needs. My latest obsession is cooking tools (cooking for toddler is fun!) and educational materials. Happy shopping! :)


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