Sunday, February 14, 2010


Here's Baby Adam wishing all our friends & loved ones a Very HAPPY & PROSPEROUS Lunar New Year and Happy Valentine's Day!

This year, being Baby Adam's first CNY, is extremely busy as you can expect - we had soooo many places to go, so little time, therefore we had to plan whose houses to go to first/last.
It is also Andy & my first year distributing angpaos instead of collecting. Boo hoo! But thankfully we have Baby Adam to help us collect back some $$ hahaha!
Baby Adam collected close to $1k of angpao $$ on the 1st day of CNY. Fatt ah!
Andy & I decided to open his own Savings Acct with that money, on top of his current insurance-tied investment and CDA account.

We've also got our visas approved, changed AUD$$ and almost finished packing our luggages. Phew!
Catch ya all when we are back from Melb.
Have a lovely V-day everybody!

The Tans :)

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