Saturday, February 6, 2010

Long overdue photos: Huiwen's Wedding! 29.11.09 AM SESSION

I left my (then) 6 months old Baby Adam with Andy early morning.

At the ungodly hour of 7AM on a Sunday morning: the Jie-meis nowhere near sleepy, clearly deriving fun from the prospect of torturing the men!

Granny undies and bananas. Crazy Carol (to my left, which is RIGHT in this photo) acting demure *cough cough*

My pretty bride doing her makeup & hair. She's glowing!

I can see the pride and joy

Our pretty wrist corsages hand made by Huiwen. This is Carol, my crazy gal friend. -__-

Here comes the handsome groom Julian & his troopers!

Anguish. Hahaha

What's a married-with-kid woman like me looking perverse handing out the undies?!

Julian braving it all because his "brothers" not on one!

Huiwen, no peeking!

"Good morning Huiwen, we are your Angels"

I wish this couple a blissful and happy life together :)
and this was the white dress I borrowed from Charmaine. Thanks sweets!

The PM session's few photos can be found HERE.

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