Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Mango is hospitalised

My mum's cat Mango is hospitalised, and the story goes like this:

My mum came home from work on a Monday morning and couldn't find Mango anywhere in the house, though he would usually come running after her once he hears her voice.
She searched everywhere and couldnt find him, so she thought he had run away from home, though it is extremely unlikely because he is a scaredy cat who has never even stepped out of the front door.

She continued searching on Tuesday morning and asked the neighbourhood cleaner whether she has seen an orange tabby cat. She said "Yes, it was on the floor but it ran away" so my Mum gave chase to the pointed direction and searched everywhere again, in vain.
When she got home, she ran into our neighbours who said they saw Mango badly injured, likely due to fall from the window, and bled profusely so they called SPCA and SPCA took Mango away.

My mum was anxious that they would euthanise Mango so she rang SPCA up and the SPCA staff said "He is Ok, you can bring a carrier down to collect him".
My mum went down with Uncle Jeffrey and Mango's carrier, happy that she could bring him home.
But when they reached SPCA, Mango was put in a plastic crate and drenched with his own bloodied urine swishing around in the crate! and he was a sorry sight!
He was bleeding from his lips and chin, his right leg and arm were fractured out of alignment and he kept yowling in a hoarse voice.
He obviously couldn't move and was definitely NOT "OK" like the SPCA said!

The SPCA staff then explained to Uncle Jeffrey that if nobody claims the cat after "a few days", they have to put it to sleep due to space constraints. A few days???? No matter how badly injured the animal is, it would be left in a plastic crate drenched in its own feces and urine to suffer for a "few days"???
At least I know now, what SPCA is about. SIGH.

So my mum paid the staff $30 for admin fees and rushed Mango to the hospital.

Today, I picked my Mum up from home after I knocked off and went to see Mango.

Mango's bandaged left hand is on a drip. His limp right hand is the fractured one.
He may look fine, but actually he isn't.

His radius and ulnar are both fractured, and the ligament connecting the paw to the forearm is dislodged.
The surgeon & vet recommended surgery, which would cost $3800, excluding the hospitalisation fees and etc, which could well amount to $5000 *gasp*

Put on Ringer's Lactate for hydration because he refused to eat and hasn't eaten/drank anything since Monday's injury partly due to his inured face.

This is the drain where my mum's neighbours put Mango on before SPCA came to take him away, with a puddle of his blood in it.

Right now, Mango is not fit for surgery yet due to his haematuria and dehydration which leads to possible electrolyte imbalances and abnormal blood chemistry.
My mum is waiting to speak to the surgeon and vet in charge of Mango tomorrow before further decisions can be made regarding his care plan.

And now with my Mum's "youngest son" hospitalised, with her sick with worry, getting busy with CNY bakings & stuff, plus my own set of insane schedule, I can't help but wonder what kind of CNY this year is gonna be.
I'm just wishing that things will go like clock work and be generally uneventful than it already is.

Whatever it is, I just hope he wont be put to sleep. Poor Mango.

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