Sunday, February 7, 2010

New Ikea high chair for CNY

Baby Adam has 2 places to go for his Reunion Dinner - first stop is buffet with Andy's family, followed by steamboat with my mine.
Therefore, we bought a new high chair for him, something simple & light from IKEA to put at my parents', which costs only $29 ($25 without the feeding tray).

We actually rushed out to get it on last Friday night and we bumped into Crazy Carol & Hongkuan. They were furniture-shopping for their new pad.

In fact, I'm liking this new feeding chair better than his current one, which drives me insane because Baby Adam is learning how to self-feed now and can you imagine all the food he has smeared onto the cushion and how many times I have to wash it!

With this new feeding chair, it is so much more convenient to wipe clean and I don't have to worry about Baby Adam being a messy eater.
by the way, Baby Adam went for his 9 months development assessment today (which he did well) at Dr Simon's and at the same time we took his travel meds - for flu, fever and diarrhoea.
Speaking of diarrahoea, I apologise if I sound as though I'm having Blogspot diarrhoea, but really, February is a busy month for us with many happenings!

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