Saturday, February 6, 2010

Packing for Down Under

I've only got the most important aspect of Baby Adam's luggage sorted - his food.
The rest of our luggages, I'll have to pack in between work, studies and preparing for CNY.

I'm sooo looking forward to our first trip abroad as a family, together with my brother, aka Uncle Junwen.
I'm really thankful he can make it, because with all these extra baggage weight, I'm not sure if Andy & I can handle, on top of having to check in our Bugaboo Cameleon and not to mention the shopping!

We'll be doing a road trip around Melbourne, driving along Great Ocean Road and bringing Baby Adam to see penguins at Philip Island, and kangeroos at the local farms.

At the same time last year, Andy & I did a road trip in Perth.
I was 4 mths preggy with Baby A :)

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