Sunday, March 7, 2010

Brunch at Prima Tower

Baby Adam had Dim Sum brunch at Prima Tower Revolving Restaurant today to celebrate my Father-in-law's birthday.

"I have 4 teeth now!"

Our weekend came and went in a whiz before I even had time to recuperate!
A birthday here, a shopping trip there, back to my folks' place, etc.

We brought Baby Adam to Vivo City on Saturday and no trip to Vivo City is complete without making stops at Toys R Us, and the flagship Mothercare at Harbourfront.
We bought a Fisher Price toy wagon for Baby Adam, more puzzle mats, organic food from the Harbourfront organic store, and other barangs.

Very tempted to buy Bugaboo accessories to accessorise his pram, but I think what we really need is another lightweight compact stroller. Duh!
You see, I sold his Combi Miracle Turn thinking we could didnt need so many prams but seems like he cant fit into Maclaren Quest Sport anymore, the straps are too tight even at the max length, and Maclaren doesnt have the safety bar in front. Looks like Mummy sold the wrong pram :(
Our Bugaboo is brilliant, but every parent needs a lightweight stroller to chug along to the malls so that all the shopping can fit into the boot.

Baby Adam needs:
- a lightweight stroller
- a new diaper bag (his current one is giving way)
- new shoes (Mummy has no time to shop for a suitable soft sole pair)

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