Monday, March 1, 2010

Hanging out with the Ladies

Were hanging at Angeline's & Sean's new pad at Tanjong Ria. Neat little studio apt for 2 pax.
Really trendy & cosy!

Daddy & his mini

The crazy aunty who declared to everyone that she's gonna breastfeed him! Muahahaha!

Carol: "No Adam you cannot eat those pearls, they are not ORGANIC!"

The hot babes showing off flawless legs!

Some bedroom photos...

Carol: "Come, let's take Doggy-position photos on your bed!"
I need to remove Baby Adam from this bad influence! -__-

Baby Kai and sexy ladies on the bed, including his (self-acclaimed) hot Mom with her new hairdo :P

By the way, Thanks for the lovely Swarovski birthday present gals :)

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