Saturday, March 27, 2010

Ingredients of Diaper Cakes

Hi everyone! The week has been hectic for me so my apologies for the short absence!
I had school every night of the week, and I saw very little of Baby Kai. When I came home, he was sleeping, when I left for work, he was still asleep. Can you imagine my heartache?

Well, it's all over now, I managed to finish a huge chunk of one of my essays, thank God for that!

And now to answer all the Mommies' emails!
I've received numerous emails pertaining to the ingredients for the diaper cakes, and pardon me for not replying your emails (because of you know why).. so here goes:

- 10 pc disposable diapers
- 1 hooded towel
- 5 pairs baby socks
- 1 wash cloth

- 32 pc disposable diapers
- 1 pink dress
- 1 pair pink sandals
- 1 hair clip

Didn't realise that it's a longggg weekend next week, else I would've arranged a short trip with Hubby and Baby Kai! But I have to say, it's near-impossible with my school and work.

Okays enough ranting. Ciao folks :D

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