Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Stokke Xplory spotted

Stokke Xplorys spotted at Takashimaya Baby Dept yesterday.
This foreign couple with not one but TWO Stokkes. That's $5k worth of pram!
The green one is being pushed by whom seems like a nurse, with another one in blue uniform following behind.
Either the babies are very sick, or the parents are very rich man! Though I reckon is the latter :P
Maybe in future I'll dress my helper up in Nurse uniform also HAHAHA just kidding!

For the uninitiated, Stokke Xplory is what Celebrity Daddy Seal is using as well.

and that's what my sista is intending to get sometime soon*whoot!*

It looks really cyber doesn't it?
When I showed her the pic, she went "So super right?!! I want I want I want!" Teehehe


  1. are those foreign couple Indonesian?

  2. They were speaking Cantonese. I presume they're Hongkies or Malaysian?


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