Sunday, March 14, 2010

Takashimaya Baby Fair

EVENT: Taka Baby Fair
VENUE: Takashimaya Atrium near the fountain
DATES: 11 Mar - 28 March 2010

Went there with Meena and our men in tow.
It was crowded as expected, and we went to check out the baby monitors, carseats, and s t r o l l e r s.
I had every intention to buy a lightweight one, either from Aprica or Combi.
I love Aprica's pretty designs, but I had to face it - even its 4-swivel wheel stroller can't beat the Combi Miracle Turn in terms of functionality, because Combi MT has auto-lock of wheels, whichever way your stroller is facing: parent- or front-facing.

But Daddy A wasn't too keen on another stroller for Baby A.
Andy: He has been through 4 strollers (Baby Ace, Combi, Maclaren, Bugaboo) even before he turned 8 months old. How many strollers do you wanna buy? You just bought the Bugaboo so why does he need another one?

I am not a spendthrift. I just tend to pamper Baby A, often too much.
Sometimes I think men really have no idea. Hmmph. I should've just left him at home while I went with Meena. So anyhow, we left the fair without buying anything except for wetwipes.

And since we're on the topic of fairs, I think some parents are just so inconsiderate.
It was insanely crowded, but we were lucky enough to find a bench just outside the parameters of the fair so I sat down to feed Baby A his lunch while Andy went to buy some finger food.
While waiting for Andy to come back, another Mom with 2 toddlers came and sat down at what was supposed to be Andy's seat.
I was gracious enough to let them have the seat but that stupid mother didn't even have the brains to discipline her chicldren. Her 2 kids were trying to climb onto the bench and nearly kicked and toppled Baby A's drink and food. GRRRRR!!
Without hesitation, I scolded the mother to be careful with her children.

I mean, if someone was kind enough to let me have a seat in a super-crowded mall, I would be more than grateful and make sure Adam doesn't misbehave. Isn't that common sense?

Some parents are just overtly concerned about having a place in top schools, sending them for enrichment classes they don't enjoy, shouting orders after orders at their poor children to "Sit still and don't move can?", "Stand properly can anot! I cannot see lah!" (yes that was what I witnessed of a mother shoe-shopping for her daughter and the girl stood with one leg slightly behind the other), "Don't sit on the floor dirty!" and Dont-do-this-dont-do-that.
And these are the same kind of parents who can't even speak proper English in a single sentence and they wanna send their kids to top schools...( "This one not your one you don't take I tell you hor") yet they don't bother to teach their children basic things like consideration, manners, kindness to animals and humility.

Ok, enough ranting already. Don't wanna ruin my precious weekend :)
Ciao folks!

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