Thursday, March 11, 2010


I can't figure out how to use my new laptop - other than the Internet Explorer. I'm sucha Technophobic!
I can't seem to find the product key for MS Office 2007, no matter how hard I try, clicking on the links on microsoft website leading to more links and more, more links!
It's like Click here to enter your 25-character product key -> Free trial user? Click here for product key; Full version user? Click here for product key.
*click click click* then -> Click on this link to dowload your FREE version of MS Office now.
We're sorry, but the 25-character product key you entered is not valid. Please verify and enter your product key.

ARGHHHHhhh dammit.

I remembered buying my old laptop slightly more than 3 yrs ago, and had the Ah Beng at Sim Lim Square install everything for me and I just had to bring it home to turn it on, viola!
I don't remember having to go through all the hassle I have to now, and I certainly don't understand why technology has become more a complication than a convenience nowadays.

You know it's like when you desperately wanna call your credit card company or the bank and you get put through lists and lists of voice-automated choices?
Press 1 for your Account enquiry. . . . till you reach the point "Press 9 to f***ing scold the operator for putting you through so many options yet still no human operator on the line?!?!" and you forgot what Options 2 - 8 were about!!

I'm a Full-time working Mom doing my Part-time Bachelors with a full-on 9-mths+ Baby on my hands! I don't have all the time to press here, click there, lah!

Why can't Internet and Banks make things a little more user-friendly (read: idiot-proof)??


  1. User-friendly products and services are very important indeed. An SAHM learning to be a pro-blogger is very busy too.

    Btw, I got an iPod Touch and swopped to MacBook and find them very easy to use. :)

  2. Oh MieVee I dont even wanna imagine using even the iPhone.. hahaha becos I really, reallyyyy just only use the most basic functions of everything: a HP for calling & SMSing, a laptop to type assignments and surf net/blog.

    I wouldnt figure out the iPod as good as u did!
    Never have been good w technology heh heh.

    By the way if you have a good brand of lightweight stroller to recommend do keep me in the loop :)


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