Thursday, April 1, 2010

Robinsons Members Sale this weekend

It's every woman's favourite word - S A L E !
At Robinsons Centrepoint this weekend. For shopaholic mummies like myself, it is not to be missed, even more so if you are a member because of the discounts on top of usual discounts. How great is that? DOn't know where to go this long weekend? Head down to Robinsons Centrepoint then ;)

I went with Aunty Meena and she went crazy with all the newborn sleepsuits, booties, mittens. How reminiscent of those days when Baby Kai was still a newborn!
And oh, I love their Eath Baby organic bath product range as well and I bought a few bottles to stock up.

Check out Baby Kai's new toys. He seems delighted! Thanks to my colleague Jenny who recommended the Aqua Doodle which leaves no mess after water ink dries up :)

Busy baby and the busy bodies!

Last but not least, I wanted to buy this Little Tikes coupe car but it was too bulky & heavy for me to lug home on my own. Sigh! :(

This is officially on Baby Kai's BIRTHDAY WISHLIST. Can some kind soul please buy it for him? :P


  1. A friend gave my boy the Aqua Doodle too! :) Going to try it out real soon. Have fun!

  2. Wow sounds like a popular contraption! Yeap will try it out this weekend together w his slam dunk toy ^__^


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