Saturday, May 15, 2010

Adam's 1st Birthday Celebration - Part I

Here's the 1st Prequel to our precious Prince's first birthday, which is in exactly 2 days' time. How time flies!

Date: 15 May 2010 Saturday
Venue: Rochester House

A tranquil dining place for adults to tempt their tastebuds, a huge playground for children to lose themselves.
This is the place for: yuppy young parents, ang-moh parents and kids of all ages.
We love this place so much that we've decided to book this as Adam's 2nd birthday venue, perfect for all my cousins and friends whose babies by then would be old enough to run around & play.

Our young master choosing from his menu

Baby Adam's American breakfast. He loves hotcakes, and I can never seem to make them so flawless.

The Play House: a huge haven for the little ones in the comfort of air-con while the adults can dine & chill outside. There are 3 ladies manning this play area so parents can have complete peace of mind. It is totally brilliant. Two thumbs up!

Daddy making a silly face haha!

He's smiling at the lady who mans the Play House.

Our son is totally engrossed in the little toy paradise and ignores the parents.

Daddy: "Are we ready??"

"Here we go!"

Here's the narcissistic Mom having the blast of her life.

Having a ball. Literally.

I would give anything to put that smile on his face :)
Happy eve-of-the-eve of your Birthday son!
You are our pride & joy, the greatest surprise gift from God, and we all love you more than words can ever describe.


  1. Hi Veron,

    Thanks for sharing your blog URL over at the Drypers Mom FB Page :)

    Blogging sure helps us all in treasuring those growing up sweet moments, doesn't it? :)

    Keep in touch.


  2. Hi Leonny, thanks for sharing your site as well. Drypers SG is a great discussion board, why didnt I join it sooner? To answer my own Qn, thats becos Adam uses Mamy Poko. Heh..

    But at home sometimes he uses Drypers as well.

    You have 2 lovely children. See you soon :)


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