Sunday, May 16, 2010

Adam's 1st Birthday - Part II

The eve of Adam's birthday is spent having lunch with our immediate family members.
The poor baby got whisked away since early morning, running last minute birthday errands with the parents and going to collect his Birthday cake. Oh, the cake! His very first cake :)

Date: 16 May 2010 Sunday
Venue: Prima Tower Revolving Restaurant
The restaurant's staff are helpful, and service is prompt. The waiting staff cleared our dishes at fast speed and helped us with the cake, the candle, the plates & cutlery. They even played the Happy Birthday song for us, though we didnt have any songs prepared. We've been there several times for our weekend luncheons, and service is still impressive.

"My very first birthday cake!"

The men of my life.

My brother JJ and his gf Liping. By the way, Liping shares the same birthday as Adam! On the day I delivered Adam, they were supposed to be out celebrating Liping's birthday when they came to visit me in hospital. Hehe

My son and his proud Grandma

Family shot everyone, before the song-singing and cake cutting!

Baby Adam points to his cake excitedly and said "Der" (read: there) :D

The Grandmas were more excited than Andy & I were about his first cake-cutting so we just let them. I was too busy playing photographer anyway :)

Blowing Putting out the candle with his fingers! *gasp*

The cake: a 2kg 3D with icing, in Lychee Martini flavour. YUMMY~

Dear Munchkin,
we hope you enjoyed the cake. Your very first cake. Daddy & Mommy specially chose this design for you because you are the bestest gift we ever received in our lives. You are our present, and our future.

Dada & Mama

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