Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Closer and closer

My darling son is getting closer and closer to being ONE. 5 more days to be exact. I'm so nervous!
I even applied a day's leave on 17 May Monday (his official birthdate, 5 June the party date is his Lunar date).

I dont know what to do with him - literally and not figuratively this time.
Should I bring him to the ZOO with my Aunt LY and brothers?
Do 1 yr olds know what to do at a zoo other than get frightened by screaming animals?
I'm not a bimbotic mum who thinks spending hours at the mall is best. For boring noons maybe, but not on a first birthday please.
How about a swimming session with his first float and UV suit?

Ok let's see what the Grandparents say.

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