Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Meet my Godson!

Ladies, hold your breath - my Godson is here!
Born: 16 May 2010
Weight: 6.6lbs

Isn't he gorgeous? *sigh*

The house is filled with heaps of baby stuff!

The baby room piled to the max with baby changing station, and tons of nappies/clothes/cot bumpers etc

Went to Meena's house today to meet my godson for the first time and teach her how to bathe our little fella. He has a sharp nose and jet black hair, and he's so fair for an Indian baby!

He doesn't have a name yet, so my dear Godson, when you are older, please remember that it's your Godma who gave you your very first bath ok?? *beams proudly*
He's so tiny and precious. Reminds me of my very own Baby Kai when he was teeny, which was a year ago. I don't even remember Kai being so tiny, but of course he was. How reminiscent. *dabs eyes*

I remember Andy & I used to just stare at Baby Kai during the first few weeks of his life, just to make sure he was breathing. So precious. Babies can be lost, and I believe it is every parent's worry to keep their children alive, agree?
As Courteney Cox's character in the television series Cougar Town says: 'That's all that parenting really is: trying to keep your kids from dying. When they're babies, it's swimming pools. When they're 50, it's heart attacks and Russian prostitutes.'

Oh I feel so excited and happy for my dear Aunty Meena and Uncle Ramesh.
Welcome to the parenthood band wagon, where you'll never sleep again for the next 20 years!

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