Sunday, June 13, 2010

GSS Shopping~

Can't wait for our KL trip, Andy & I went to do some GSS shopping for Baby Adam and our new pad.

More board book for Adam's bed time reading

Bright-colored and (quite) destruction proof

Some long-sleeved clothes for KL trip.

Our new toy from Robinson's: a Martello gourmet coffee machine! in Fire-engine RED

came with many freebies such as the frother, lots of free coffee capsules and a capsule display-box.

We saw the demo by the sales rep and were sold. Really cool lah!
I'm gonna learn how to make heart-shaped froth like the below picture for our guests.

Imagine popping by our place for some nice gourmet cuppa, relaxing on our outdoor lounge set and talking cock or simply reading magazines. Cool ain't it?

Next on our to-buy list includes furniture for our "Little Prince's Room":
- Easel (using the vouchers from my sisters Meena & Charm)
- Mammut bookshelf
- Little Tikes Roadster toddler bed

Now I can't stop thinking of buying furniture for our new home. Bank-breaking but fun! :D


  1. wah u guys really gancheong leh..
    i dun drink coffee leh, can u buy a milo maker?
    den i can drink milo dinosaur w the kids in the balcony. heeeheeee ^^

  2. Hey sweets,
    alamak Milo dont need gourmet de lah.. I give you the whole tin, u make yr own desired dinosaur thickness LOL

    We wanna buy few things at a time for those non-bulky items so when the time comes we can just buy the bulky furniture ie. Sofa, TV, bed...

    Btw, heard from KW you all getting new car, open-top somemore. Woot! When yr new car comes let ADam test-drive and model it ok? ;D


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