Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New laptop

Kai is playing on his new educational laptop which Aunt LY has given him for his birthday. It's pretty awesome- he can choose games, or learn spelling and even math on this neat little machine.

I suppose technology is a guy's thing, speaking as a technophobic woman myself.
I'm waiting for the 4G iPhone and I'm so buying it for Kai because of the cool Apps for kids which Drayden's mummy has posted in Drypers Discussion board on FB. If you aren't already a member of Drypers Discussion board on FB, maybe it's high time you checked it out.
Oh by the way, I lost my Tag Heuer watch. I must've lost it eons ago, since I dont even remember when, but I only found out today when I wanted to wear it to school for my exam.
SIGH. It's no expensive watch like Rolex or Omega, but still, it's my first watch and from my Mum and the only watch I ever wore, since I dont usually wear watches.
I feel so despondent now. I feel like crying. I searched everywhere around the house and in my bags but still I couldn't find it. It must be really lost. Maybe I dropped it somewhere without knowing, as it's highly possible that I removed it while playing with Kai.
Oh God I hope my Mum doesnt kill me.

Andy was very kind to offer to buy me another watch, but it's not that. It's the sentimental value, ya know?
Dear God please let me find my watch. If You dont, please let me strike 4D or Toto so I can buy one more without the guilt. :(

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