Thursday, August 26, 2010


As the week is drawing to a close, I'm feeling happy and psyched up because... I finished one of my 2000-word essays!
So I can relax for the weekend and not be stressed by deadlines. Yay!

Last weekend, Hubby, Adam & I went furniture-browsing and we fell in love with a red L-shape sofa set in full leather, and a beige marble-top dining table. Soooo nice lorr...
Adam loves it too, he kept bouncing on it approvingly Hehe
When is our new home ready man??! *taps fingers*
Luckily for us, our new home comes furnished so we just need to get the furniture/electronics (which FIL has kindly offered to sponsor.. Why didnt we say Yes to his offer of buying landed property and stay all under-one-roof?) and do abit of tweakings to the design, coupled with some logistics planning, which I'm not worried at all with Hubby around.

Also, I'm in a I-wanna-go-shopping-and-forget-all-my-troubles kinda mood. Ok, I wouldnt call it "shopping" so as not to scare Hubby, but more like doing abit of research.. Ehem... before our Nov HK trip.
It's gonna be a short trip, so I might as well make the most of it by comparing prices here first. Also, we're bringing our portable son to Disneyland and I expect it to last an entire day so all the more to make the most of our time right?

Oooooo I am so looking forward. Can't wait!

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