Sunday, August 22, 2010

It's hot in here

My poor baby, his first time running a temperature. The highest was 39.4deg celcius, started today.
It's a common side effect of MMRV jab, but still..... having a sick child is every parent's greatest nightmare.
He's never been sick before, 'cept for a common cold last Xmas and a cough last Month which never lasted long.
My occupational and motherly instincts kick in - I've been sponging him, diligently feeding him antipyretics, sticking on the cooling pad, and giving him lots and lots of water.
I even called Dr Simon on his after-hours line just to make sure whether Andy & I should check him into "chalet" but the good doctor said we have to monitor and continue what we're doing for now and ensure the fever doesn't last more than 3 days.

But other than the fever, he's still active and bubbly, singing and going about his activities pretty much normally.
I'm not leaving it to chance, and taking the day off tomorrow to stay home with my baby.
After becoming a mother, I realise one thing - whether you are old or young, ugly or pretty, rich or poor - as long as you are a parent, you are reduced to the same status as all other parents out there, loving your child before yourself.
I know I can give the world for Baby Kai.
One of the best things about being a parent is - they don't care if you look like the frumpy housewife in baggy clothes. Even if you have no makeup on, have no Chanel or Hermes purses, your children will still come over and hug you, calling you Mama all the same.

Dear God, please bless this strong-spirited boy, and may he continue to grow into a healthy and happy God-loving person.

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