Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New chapter in my (work) life

I would like to say I have a big promotion, but no lah.... unlike my SAHM Tai-tai friends, I am the only one who is unfortunately still slogging my ass off.

Apart from my pay increment and mid-year biannual bonus, what Im gonna say is that I'll be converting to shift duty from the month of September.
Which translates into - shorter work hours per day, and (even) more dough for me.

I hope this will be the answer to my tiredness because right now on office hours, the hours are too long at a stretch and simply too exhausting for me. Weekends come and go in a flash, with me hardly ever resting or stopping because everyone's at home with all the activity and hype.

Anyway, with shift duty, it also means I can have random noons free to meet Charmaine for shopping and high tea. Whee!
until next year lor, that is, when I will most probably jump ship to a new company [home] and new boss [Toddler A]

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